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I’m An Expert Author at Ezine Articles!

I’m An Expert Author at Ezine Articles!

In the past few weeks I have been adding articles into the Ezine Articles directory.  I have 10 published articles and as a result of that I have been given Expert Author status for the articles. I have submitted articles into different categories, but they are all interrelated categories so there is continuity for all of the articles. At ezine articles we can write under non de plume names and this is what I … Read entire article »

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Understanding a Google Adwords Campaign

When you first start using Google Adwords to promote your product or service figuring out what everything is can be confusing as the Adwords help it so general it does not really explain things clearly. In this series of posts, I will explain each part of Adwords as I had to learn all about it when creating my first lot of ads. So what is a campaign? … Read entire article »

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Review of BURPIES Salesletter Software by Brett McFall

When I was at the free day seminar for Brett McFall, part of his presentation, instead of just showing powerpoint and screenshots of what he does, he fired up the software and demonstrated to us live how it worked. Although I already have the Salesletter Generator by Armand Morrin, I thought it would be good to purchase this one and see what the differences are. So how is it to use? … Read entire article »

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How to Add New Posts Daily to a Blog

For those of you who have been following along, you may have noticed that I add a new post every day to this site. The reason for this is that by doing this there is fresh content every day on this blog and the theory is that sooner or later Google will be happy to come each day to see what is being added. As I write each post everything here is original as I am not using any automated programs to create the posts. Now in case you are wondering how I manage to keep this up – here is what I do. … Read entire article »

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Article Marketing Part III – Adding More Than One Article to an Article Directory

Today I thought for variety I would add three of my posts all in the same topic to – now why would I do that? … Read entire article »

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Guide To Choosing a Good Affiliate Program – Part 1 – The Basic First Look

There are many things to consider when choosing an affiliate program to sign up to, so this series of articles will explain to you different things you need to take into account. The headings with *** in them would not be what I would consider “compulsory” but are added to give you more information. … Read entire article »

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