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Use Google Trends To Help With Your Niche Market

Use Google Trends To Help With Your Niche Market

Google has a little known facility called Google Trends, where you can type in a keyword and see how the word has been searched for over the years.  This is a great facility when it comes to working with niche markets.  It helps you to see at a glance if there are monthly search changes (for example, more people searching during Christmas than during the rest of the year) and also yearly changes (for example, … Read entire article »

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Free eBook – Explosive Niches!

Free eBook – Explosive Niches!

Finding niches that are highly profitable, with low competition but have a hungry market is what this free eBook Explosive Niches! is all about. In it is information about niche markets as well as a list of some of the niche markets that are hot today. It is free to download and a good read so I suggest you sign up to get it. It has helped to change my thinking about niche markets and I … Read entire article »

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Creating an Affiliate Program Mall for a Niche Market

A while ago I had a mall type site and all of the products were from affiliate programs. Unfortunately I lost the domain name and have finally got another one as well as getting the site back up and running. I thought you may like to see affiliate programs used to the extreme! 😆 … Read entire article »

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Product Creation – Step 1: Selecting a Topic

The very first step in product creation is to select a product! Now that sounds quite logical, but the big question is how do you come up with the right topic? You would not want to spend alot of time developing a product only to find out that your chosen topic does not have many people following it or interested in it! Now this is where it gets interesting as the 3 free seminars that I have been to have three different benchmark figures to find a good topic! Here is how that stacks up. … Read entire article »

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Guide To Choosing a Good Affiliate Program – II – The Affiliate Site

Once you have had a basic first look at the information about the affiliate program you need to take a good look at the site itself. Here are my guidelines for things that I feel are most important when looking for affiliate programs sites to sign up to. … Read entire article »

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Make Money Online – Hobby Or Business?

Many people dream of making money online and the first thing is that you need to decide if you are doing a hobby site or a business site. In 1996 I started a website in a niche market due to the lack of information at that time, and I consistently make money from that site, but now I consider it a hobby site. Here’s why. … Read entire article »

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