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Article Marketing – How To Get It To Work For You

Article Marketing – How To Get It To Work For You

Article marketing is a favourite with many internet marketeers as a way of driving traffic to a website. The basic idea is that you write an article and submit it to the article directories and once it is approved people will start coming to your site. Then when the article is indexed by Google, that will also count as a new backlink to the site. However, there is one large fault with this idea … Read entire article »

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Free PLR Articles For Download by Category

Free PLR Articles For Download by Category

Although there is a vast amount of PLR articles on a wide variety of subjects, if you are looking for free PLR articles for a certain niche, it can be hard as most PLR articles are found in PLR packs. A PLR pack is where there there are hundreds or thousands of articles on different topics. So if you wanted to find free PLR products for a specific topic, you will either have … Read entire article »

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Free Directory Submitter

While surfing around I came across a free directory submitter plugin for Firefox that allows you to submit your site or blog to various internet search engines and directories in a half automatic mode. This means that you need to have the Firefox browser, install the plugin and you create a Site Details information sheet. Once this is done you can submit your site – some places you add in extra information and for other sites what you enter is all that you need. If you come across other sites that are not in the database you can add them. The main reason to do this is that it creates links to your site. Alot of the sites require a reciprocal link, which means that you have to have … Read entire article »

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Product Creation Step 4 – Setting Up Email Marketing

As promised I have looked at about 10 different sites that do email marketing and have chosen to use MailChimp. Now why is that you may ask? Simple, they have a forever free account that works like this. … Read entire article »

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Writing Articles for Publishing On The Net

Article writing and publishing them on the net is one technique that you can use to get traffic to your site, so in the last few days I have written a couple of articles and submitted them to an article directory. So how hard was it to write an article and how will this help me? … Read entire article »

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Internet Marketing Explained – The Support – Good or Bad?

Well, I have had a look at a few of the sections now for the Internet Marketing Course Explained and then found that unfortunately the information was dated – in other words, the links and suggested websites in the files were no longer in existence! … Read entire article »

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