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Creating a Google Adwords Image Campaign for Web Pages

Most people know of the text adds that run on the search results for Google as well as appear on pages. Creating these involve writing the adds. I realise that alot of time goes into creating these ads when you first start and as I want to get my ads running as soon as possible I decided to create an Adwords campaign that is for images AND choose exactly which pages on the net the adds appear. Here is how I did it. … Read entire article »

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Creating a Mailing List Using MailChimp

One of the free bonuses that I am offering for my product is Free Lifetime updates and the easiest way to do this is through a Mailing list, so I have created my first mailing list. I am using MailChimp as it offers a FREE account for lists below 1,000 subscribers and it allows you to send 5000 free emails a month. You also do not need to add a credit card – it is not one of those Trial accounts where they want your credit card anyway. … Read entire article »

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Creating Bonuses for My Product

I am now creating bonuses for my Product that I am selling to add to the main product. As the Product that I am selling is Publishing Public Domain Books Through Amazon and there are alot of changes that can happen with Amazon, I have decided to create the free bonuses. Now what are they? … Read entire article »

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Creating a New Sub Domain WordPress Multisite

Creating a New Sub Domain WordPress Multisite

Now that you have set up your network and it is working properly, the last thing you need to do is to create a new website. This post looks at Sub Domain sites only. The first most important thing you must know is that you DO NOT set up a sub domain through cPanel or any other server software. You set up your sub domain and new site right from the WordPress Admin! … Read entire article »

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Creating Color Schemes for Your WordPress Blog and Other Websites

One of the most important thing it to be able to get the colors on your site right and if matching colors is something that you are not familiar with you could spend days testing and trying different color schemes and still not be happy with your end result. As that is something that I am doing right now I thought I may as well let you know how I am getting great color schemes for my websites. … Read entire article »

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Product Creation Step 5 – Creating a Product Video

Many sites these days have video and many products these days also have videos of how to do things, showing the process on the screen. Initially I downloaded a free screen video program to have a play and see how it works and it is quite easy. … Read entire article »

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Creating an Affiliate Program Mall for a Niche Market

A while ago I had a mall type site and all of the products were from affiliate programs. Unfortunately I lost the domain name and have finally got another one as well as getting the site back up and running. I thought you may like to see affiliate programs used to the extreme! 😆 … Read entire article »

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Creating an Article Directory

While surfing around at the article directories I found that one of them offers their script for download. What this means is that I can get a domain name and install the script and have my own article directory. Now why would I want to do that? … Read entire article »

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Creating an Adwords Campaign for a Survey

Today I have been trying to figure out how to word the Adwords campaign to get people to visit my survey site so that I can see if there is a demand for the product that I am creating. I know that if I do not do the add correctly then I will be paying money for nothing and while there are lots of examples on how to write the adwords adds for selling products, I have not been able to find any examples showing this type of add. So what have I done? … Read entire article »

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