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Understanding Google Adwords Keywords

When you use Google Adwords to advertise your product or service you can select keywords. There are different types of keyword matches and for the beginner these can be confusing, so here is an explanation of what each of the keyword matches are, what they mean and how they work. … Read entire article »

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Free PLR Articles For Download by Category

Free PLR Articles For Download by Category

Although there is a vast amount of PLR articles on a wide variety of subjects, if you are looking for free PLR articles for a certain niche, it can be hard as most PLR articles are found in PLR packs. A PLR pack is where there there are hundreds or thousands of articles on different topics. So if you wanted to find free PLR products for a specific topic, you will either have … Read entire article »

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Google Wonder Wheel – Helping You Find Relevant Topics

I recently heard about the Google Wonder Wheel which will give you topics relating to your main keywords or phrases. Now this seems a really great way to be able to create relevant topics and have them relating to each other and in a way that Google is suggesting. So where do you find the Google Wonder Wheel? … Read entire article »

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Creating Color Schemes for Your WordPress Blog and Other Websites

One of the most important thing it to be able to get the colors on your site right and if matching colors is something that you are not familiar with you could spend days testing and trying different color schemes and still not be happy with your end result. As that is something that I am doing right now I thought I may as well let you know how I am getting great color schemes for my websites. … Read entire article »

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Review of eBook Generator Software

Yesterday I lost internet connection while the ports were reset at the exchange so I thought that would be a great time to have a play with the eBook Generator Software by Armand Morin and here is my review on it. The review is written after only having one play to get an eBook created. … Read entire article »

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