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Sales Letter and Website Completed

Using the ministe design that I bought through Guru and the Sales letter software of Brett McFall, I have now completed the website. As well as the sales letter page, I have also created a Privacy Policy page, an Earnings Disclaimer page, and an affiliates page. The affiliates page is so that people who want to promote my product can add banners to their site. While not every site that is part of an affiliate network provides banners for affiliates, to me it is important as I like using banners, so I need to make sure that I provide what I like to have provided when I am looking for products to promote. The site is not live at the moment as I still need to get my product approved … Read entire article »

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Review of BURPIES Salesletter Software by Brett McFall

When I was at the free day seminar for Brett McFall, part of his presentation, instead of just showing powerpoint and screenshots of what he does, he fired up the software and demonstrated to us live how it worked. Although I already have the Salesletter Generator by Armand Morrin, I thought it would be good to purchase this one and see what the differences are. So how is it to use? … Read entire article »

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Review of Salesletter Generator by Armand Morrin

Today I installed the sales letter generator software which is produced from Armand Morrin so that I could write my sales letter for my first product. So how is it to use? … Read entire article »

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Product Creation – Step 1: Selecting a Topic

The very first step in product creation is to select a product! Now that sounds quite logical, but the big question is how do you come up with the right topic? You would not want to spend alot of time developing a product only to find out that your chosen topic does not have many people following it or interested in it! Now this is where it gets interesting as the 3 free seminars that I have been to have three different benchmark figures to find a good topic! Here is how that stacks up. … Read entire article »

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Product Creation – Introduction

Product creation is freedom – by creating your own products you can control everything. If you are earning money through an affiliate program you do not have control over how much you earn and products may disappear. However, if you create your own products you have far more control as you can set the price. If you see that there should be a price increase or decrease you can do it/ If you want to offer a free product with the one you are selling, you can do it. Product creation is the way to greater financial freedom/ … Read entire article »

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Free Seminar – Internet Mastery Secrets (Brett McFall)

Yesterday I went to another free internet seminar. Now why would I do that you may wonder? Well, the way that I see it is that as I learnt alot from the first free internet seminar, and I have already started making money from that, why not go to another one and see what I can learn from this one? So did I learn anything else? … Read entire article »

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