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Social Bookmarking – The Fast Way!

One of the most important things when you have a website is to get traffic. If you do not have traffic, or people visiting your site, it is like writing a book and putting it in your wardrobe and hoping people will read it! In other words it will not happen. There are many different ways to get traffic to your site, ranging from generating free traffic which usually take alot of time to be able to get, to paid traffic like Google Adwords. Social bookmarking is another way and there are many social bookmarking sites, like Digg and Delicious. Today I found a social bookmarking site for adding sites to your social bookmarks! So what does that mean? … Read entire article »

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Valued Opinions Surveys – Are They Worth It?

I have been doing the Valued Opinions Surveys for a week now. Every survey that they send me I have done. So is it worth it? … Read entire article »

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Valued Opinions – Online Surveys Review

The Valued Opinions – Online Surveys is a paid survey site that allows people from both Australia and New Zealand to participate. I signed up with them on Wednesday and this is what I found. … Read entire article »

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Can You Really Make Money Through Online Surveys?

Now that is the question! How many of you have seen sites that offer to pay you for completing surveys but you have to pay to join them? And this is usually done as a “we have to cover our costs and sort through all of the surveys” type of thing. Well, I decided to pay my money to one site that was recommended – after all you have to spend money to make money right? So I spent my money and did get the instant access to their database and guess what I found???? … Read entire article »

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Finally Back Online!

What a year! I have had trouble with my thumbs and while that may not seem a big deal, think about how often you use your thumbs when you are typing and you will see that it is a big deal! So even though my typing skills have lowered to one finger typing during the past few months, there has been nothing wrong with my eyes, so I have spent my time reading up on internet marketing and making money on the net and all of those really good things, and I have come across some great ideas – and a few that I have tried also – because I did not need to type all that much! *LOL* Stay tuned for updates again – oh, and have a great Xmas … Read entire article »

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