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Easy Way to Make Your Old WordPress Site Responsive – WPTouch

Easy Way to Make Your Old WordPress Site Responsive – WPTouch

There are so many different browsers now for your website, from the old desktop to mobiles phones and tablets. As the mobile phones and tablets have a much smaller screen that a desktop you may find that your beautiful WordPress site is so small and crammed on a mobile phone that you know that people will not be bothered staying and reading it. It does not matter how great your site is, if … Read entire article »

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Adding a Download Stats Plugin for WordPress

As I have 21 Free Internet Resources To Start Your Online Business available as a free download on this site I decided that I should keep a track of how many times it is downloaded. So I looked around for a WP download plugin. … Read entire article »

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Creating Color Schemes for Your WordPress Blog and Other Websites

One of the most important thing it to be able to get the colors on your site right and if matching colors is something that you are not familiar with you could spend days testing and trying different color schemes and still not be happy with your end result. As that is something that I am doing right now I thought I may as well let you know how I am getting great color schemes for my websites. … Read entire article »

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Setting Up a Cron Job for WP-O-Matic

I have been asked how to set up a cron job for WP-O-Matic and as I have just got the software to create videos, I thought that instead of writing about it I would do a video to show the exact steps to do this. The video shows how to find the cron command, how to add a cron job though cpanel as well as edit and delete cron jobs. … Read entire article »

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WP Blog Ping List

Every time you update your blog, you can use a ping service that will automatically update search engines that you have added a new post. Here are many pinging services out there and in WP there used to be one “central list” that you could add to, but that seems to have disappeared – or I can not find it! So here is my list of pinging services that I use – a list in one place so all you will have to do is copy and paste it into your pinging section of WP. … Read entire article »

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Blogging With WordPress

While there are many different types of blogging software out there, I choose to use WordPress for a whole variety of reasons. Before I list all of my reasons, I must let you all know that even though I have been on the net since 1996, blogging is completely new to me. So how hard is it to set up a blog with WordPress? … Read entire article »

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