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Outsourcing Using Guru

Another site I have joined to find someone to do my Minisite is Guru and the results from this site were vastly different than from ODesk and here is why. … Read entire article »

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Creating Color Schemes for Your WordPress Blog and Other Websites

One of the most important thing it to be able to get the colors on your site right and if matching colors is something that you are not familiar with you could spend days testing and trying different color schemes and still not be happy with your end result. As that is something that I am doing right now I thought I may as well let you know how I am getting great color schemes for my websites. … Read entire article »

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Customizing a WordPress Theme

There are so many free WordPress themes that finding one takes hours and hours of looking through them all. It can be a really daunting task. Once you find one however, you should customize it so that it is not the same as any other theme. This also helps your site to stand out from the crowd. The theme that I use on this site is one that I found as a tutorial and I customized it. However, when I went to find it again do you think I could?!? No – so for the past three days I have been scouring the net looking for the tutorial that I initially found so I could customize another theme for a new site. … Read entire article »

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