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Getting a Site Designed

Over the last couple of days I have been creating a site to flip. Then I went and hung out at Flippa to get an idea of what kind of sites are flipped and how it is done and as a result of that I am totally changing my mind on my design. I have put the idea of designing a site to flip on hold for a while and instead I have contacted one of the members there about doing custom job for me as his work is beautiful. So Why did I do This? … Read entire article »

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More Research Shows Product Ideas Have Large Competition

Well, I have just done a bit more research and found out that the three product ideas that I had have large competition. This means that there are many products out there that are in the same niche markets that I was looking into. At least I have not run my surveys yet then found that out! However, there is good news! … Read entire article »

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Site Flipping – What Is It?

Although I had read about site flipping in the material from Armand Morrin, I did not really understand it. However, today I found out exactly what it is, the money that you can make from it and this is how it works. … Read entire article »

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