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Google Wonder Wheel – Helping You Find Relevant Topics

I recently heard about the Google Wonder Wheel which will give you topics relating to your main keywords or phrases. Now this seems a really great way to be able to create relevant topics and have them relating to each other and in a way that Google is suggesting. So where do you find the Google Wonder Wheel? … Read entire article »

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How to Add New Posts Daily to a Blog

For those of you who have been following along, you may have noticed that I add a new post every day to this site. The reason for this is that by doing this there is fresh content every day on this blog and the theory is that sooner or later Google will be happy to come each day to see what is being added. As I write each post everything here is original as I am not using any automated programs to create the posts. Now in case you are wondering how I manage to keep this up – here is what I do. … Read entire article »

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Blogger Blog Creating Traffic for Here

Wow! My Earning Money On The Net blog that I have created at Blogger has already sent a few people to this site which is exciting as it shows the value of having a blog there. However, this is still my main blog so I am not duplicating what I have here at that blog – in fact the posts over there are not even variations of this blog. Here are some stats. … Read entire article »

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Setting Up a Blogger Blog

Today I set up a blog at which is part of the Google Network. It can be found at If I already have this blog, why would I do that? … Read entire article »

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Blogging With WordPress

While there are many different types of blogging software out there, I choose to use WordPress for a whole variety of reasons. Before I list all of my reasons, I must let you all know that even though I have been on the net since 1996, blogging is completely new to me. So how hard is it to set up a blog with WordPress? … Read entire article »

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2nd Money Online Project – This Blog!

This is my second Money Online Project – A Blog! As I have never blogged before this has been quite a learning curve for me. … Read entire article »

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