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Creating Managed Placement Ads for Adwords

It is possible to create ads and choose exactly which page out of the millions of pages on the internet that your ad will appear. Here is how you do it. … Read entire article »

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Understanding Google Adwords Keywords

When you use Google Adwords to advertise your product or service you can select keywords. There are different types of keyword matches and for the beginner these can be confusing, so here is an explanation of what each of the keyword matches are, what they mean and how they work. … Read entire article »

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Google Adwords Campaign Settings

When you create a campaign you are presented with various options. In this post I will look at each option and explain what each one does as well as tips and ideas of which options to choose. … Read entire article »

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Understanding a Google Adwords Campaign

When you first start using Google Adwords to promote your product or service figuring out what everything is can be confusing as the Adwords help it so general it does not really explain things clearly. In this series of posts, I will explain each part of Adwords as I had to learn all about it when creating my first lot of ads. So what is a campaign? … Read entire article »

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Creating a Google Adwords Image Campaign for Web Pages

Most people know of the text adds that run on the search results for Google as well as appear on pages. Creating these involve writing the adds. I realise that alot of time goes into creating these ads when you first start and as I want to get my ads running as soon as possible I decided to create an Adwords campaign that is for images AND choose exactly which pages on the net the adds appear. Here is how I did it. … Read entire article »

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AdWords Campaign Survey

Yep sure enough, I asked for help and got none, so I will have to work it out myself. I aim to have the Ad campaign running next Monday, so I will let you all know how that goes. … Read entire article »

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Creating an Adwords Campaign for a Survey

Today I have been trying to figure out how to word the Adwords campaign to get people to visit my survey site so that I can see if there is a demand for the product that I am creating. I know that if I do not do the add correctly then I will be paying money for nothing and while there are lots of examples on how to write the adwords adds for selling products, I have not been able to find any examples showing this type of add. So what have I done? … Read entire article »

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