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About This Site

This site is for all of us who would like to be Earning Money on the Net and have seen plenty of sites where the basic story is –

  • I was broke
  • I did well
  • I make millions
  • Here is a picture of my cheques (or checks)
  • Here is a picture of my big flash house
  • You can do this too – just pay me $x and I will tell you all my secrets

So is this true? Or is it a big scam and are people making their money by scamming us poor ones to part with a few $ to find out how to make the millions?

The only way to find out I decided is to try things and document them, so that not only myself, but others will be able to see if it works or if it is just another scam.

So stay tuned and we will all see together what ever the outcome is!

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