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Use Google Trends To Help With Your Niche Market

Google has a little known facility called Google Trends, where you can type in a keyword and see how the word has been searched for over the years.  This is a great facility when it comes to working with niche markets.  It helps you to see at a glance if there are monthly search changes (for example, more people searching during Christmas than during the rest of the year) and also yearly changes (for example, more people searching in 2005 than in 2014.)

GoogleTrendsIn the screenshot above we can see that the buy search trend goes up and down each year, with more people searching in the middle of the year for the search term that I entered than around December.  Looking at the red line we can see that the search term used to see what that trend was is alot more consistant.

You can use Google Trends to see the trends worldwide or for a specific country.  The data is also broken down by top countries (if you do a world wide trend search) or by regions / cities if you do a country trend search.

In order to find this, go to your Google page and search for “Google Trends”.


You can also see at a glance when you first access the page what is currently trending in your country.

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