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Easy Way to Make Your Old WordPress Site Responsive – WPTouch

There are so many different browsers now for your website, from the old desktop to mobiles phones and tablets. As the mobile phones and tablets have a much smaller screen that a desktop you may find that your beautiful WordPress site is so small and crammed on a mobile phone that you know that people will not be bothered staying and reading it. It does not matter how great your site is, if it can not be easily read then your visitors will leave and fast.

While there are many WordPress themes these days that are responsive, what happens when you have a theme that you like and after scrolling through hundreds of responsive themes you can not find one that you like? Well that happened to me as I really like the theme that I am using here, but it is not responsive. I first looked around to see if I could get someone of fivver to make the theme responsive and I did find someone but they were going to charge me $65 to convert this current theme to a responsive theme.

A few days later while surfing around looking at ways to make a site responsive – not a wordpress site – I came across the WPTouch plugin for WordPress that apparently will change your site to a responsive site, regardless of the theme used. Well this was too good an opportunity to pass up so I went to the plugin section of WordPress for this site, did a search for WPTouch, found it, installed it, activated it and it worked! Wow! That free plugin has saved me $65 😀

So, if you have a great old theme that you want to keep using, then go and search for WPTouch in the plugins.

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