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Make Money With Google and Clickbank or Make Cash Monthly Review

The Make Money With Google and Clickbank product is also known as Make Cash Monthly as that is the URL for the product, so even though it is one product, it goes by two names just to confuse everyone. Hopefully this has cleared up that confusion.

I signed up with this product in October 2014 and here is my review. I will measure against what the website says and what actually happened.

Once you are approved I then create you a domain name with 300+ web pages with your Google referral code in all your pages.

Doesn’t that sound impressive – you get a domain name with 300+ webpages wow! Well I was going to show you my 300+ webpages but just checking it now it is suspended – however, here is a screenshot of one of the pages.

Crappy Website Page

The first thing that should be noticible is that fact that it is a crappy page.

The support is non existant – I sent a few emails that were all ignored, there is no support, “Jean” who apparently is the one whose photo is on the site is not the person who replies to the emails and when asked about who is the person, the email is ignored again.

Now let us look at the “Reviews” on the site – here is a screenshot of 2 reviews

2 reviews from

Now here is another lot of reviews that I found on a website called – it is an older site – can you spot anything the same?

Text Reviews from

Apart from the fact that the first screenshot and reviews have a photo, if you look at the text you will see that it is EXACTLY THE SAME! Really?????? How many people would write EXACTLY THE SAME REVIEW for 2 different products????? And the second product page is written by, you guessed it, Jean.

Anyway, back to the Make Cash Monthly or Make Money With Google and Clickbank product. It also states that there is a No Risk, No Questions Asked – 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! But what the site does not tell you is that there is a catch – and in their emails that they send out, they state that it can take up to 3 months to generate income, which is 90 days. So I did not get the refund and instead waited over 90 days to see the income that I could get.

I got a big fat $0 – and this is 6 months later.

Considering that when I googled reviews for this product, and I have just done it again, I can not find any site that honestly reviews this product. Probably because those sites will make money if they can talk you into buying it.

Well, if you are reading this review, I strongly suggest that you DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT – you will be getting ripped off because:

  • They do not reply to any emails
  • They do not sign their emails
  • Another person signs the emails and not the one on the website
  • On the website there is only a first name and not a second name
  • The reviews are an exact copy that are found on another site by a Jean
  • The 300+ pages for your website are crap
  • Your website will disappear along with your mmoney

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