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  1. kitkat says:

    Hi Kamera,

    Sorry to hear about your server going down but glad to hear you are back on line.

    I am following your instructions on setting up multisites in wordpress and aI am upto stage 2 but as i am on a shared server with my hosting company I went to my cpanel and the simple dns zone editor link and then was faced with 2 choices – add an A name or a Cname record. What do I do next????

    Looking forward to hearing back from you



  2. admin says:

    Great to see you hear Michael!

    Good question and looks like I should highlight that part – is is hidden in this long post but here is the quick answer for anyone else:


    And I will bold that part – I had just put in bold the Select!

    Any other questions, just post here and I will help as much as possible 😀

  3. kitkat says:

    Hi Karema,,

    just had an hour session with the techs at my hosting company. They suggested all I need to do was setup a wildcard subdomain in the subdomain section of the cpanel as I did not have access to do what you detail. The subdomain section does ask for redirection. Is there a need to redirect.
    Also is this what you you refer to as a clean install or an upgrade and change?



  4. admin says:

    Hi again,
    This will work for a clean install as well as an upgrade.

    I did try to set up a wildcard subdomain through cpanel but it kept on rejecting the * as the name!

    Now, I assume that the re-direction will be to the domain – the main domain that you are installing your wp on so you could give that a go.

    Or better still, get the techs at your hosting company to set it up for you 😀

    Good luck!

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