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Generate Free Traffic: Adding Your Site to Search Engines

One of the ways to get traffic is to add your side to search engines. Traffic is the lifeblood of any site and traffic generation is vital. You can either pay for submission services, or you can use free submission services and do it yourself. When you are first starting your internet business, this is a good way to do it as you will also learn about search engines in general.

While Google and Bing are the main ones, here is a couple of good sites where you can quickly and easily add your site to a few others.

In this post I am going to cover two of the free website submission services.

Go to Free Website Submission and scroll down to the form at the bottom.

Remove from Free Web Submissions the following as we will submit them in the next site. This way we make sure that you do not have 2 submissions.

Now go to Search Engine Submission and fill out the form.

Remove from that list the following
MSN Central

You will have to keep an eye on your email account as a lot of the search engines will send emails asking for verification.

When you have finished, you will have added your site to a few search engines and in a while may see traffic.

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