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Generate Free Traffic: How To Add Your New Site To Google and Bing

Once you have created your new website you need to start promoting it and getting the word out. Google is the biggest player in the game and this should be the first search engine that you add your site too. Google provides tools to make this quite a simple process and I am going to walk you through the process.

Firstly do you have a gmail account for your new website – the Google email account? It is free to set up and use and by creating a gmail account you can use this with all of your dealings with your Google account. It saves you having to use an email account from your new domain – what if you end up with 10 domains?

1. Sign Up for Google Webmaster
Once you have your gmail account it will give you easy access to all of the other Google tools that are available. The tool that we want to get our free traffic to Google is called Google Webmasters so pop over there and sign up.

2. Confirm Your Website
Once you have signed up add your new site to Webmaster Tools. You will be asked to verify your site and there will be several options for you to do this. Choose which option will be the easiest for you, follow the instructions that Google Webmasters provide and your website will be confirmed.

3. Create a Sitemap
You need to have a sitemap in order to quickly add your site to the Google search engine. If you are using a site that is based on WordPress there are plugins that you can get that will automatically create the sitemap for you.

If you don’t have a WordPress or similar site, like Joomla, you may have to manually create your sitemap. GSiteCrawler is a free offline software that I use for some of my sites that are not based on WordPress. You just need to download it, fill in the information and it will crawl your site for you and create the sitemap, which you can then FTP to your website.

4. Tell Webmaster Tools About Your Sitemap
Once you have your sitemap and you have checked it by loading it in your browser and making sure that it is all correct, go to Webmaster Tools, choose your website, click on sitemap then submit it. You will have to put the sitemap filename in the box. Google will then go and fetch your sitemap and let you know that it has it. If will also do a quick count and let you know how many URL’s are in the sitemap.

Check back in a few days and you will also be able to see how many URL’s they have indexed.

And there you have it! The 4 simple steps to adding your site to Google!

It is basically the same thing for BING – the Microsoft equivalent to Google. While not as big as Google, or as fast as getting your site indexed as Google, BING is still worth submitting your site to. You can do this through the Bing Webmaster page.

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