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In The News Headlines – First Set and Forget Site Network Finished!

WordPress 3.0 is now out of beta and the official version of WordPress so the network is now live. It has been set up with subdomains – all at the click of a button once the main setup was done.

With WordPress multi sites they can be set up as either folders in the main domain or sub domains. For example, if I want a site about Golf In the News Headlines I could either set up: – which is in a folder which is a sub domain.

I have chosen sub domains which do take much more set up initially, but then in the long run they will help for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Now all I have to do is keep on adding in more and more sub domains for this site and I will end up with at least 100 sites 😀

Setting up the Mulit site for sub domains can be a bit of a mission, so I will record the steps here in this blog on how to do it for anyone who wants to have a go. Also by having it recorded here, each time I need to do it, I will also have it recorded in one place so that I do not have to search the forums at WordPress time and time again for the same thing!

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