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WordPress Themes – How To Change The Colors

A website is never finished. Many people who have sites may always add in new posts but many fail to look at the overall site as a whole.

Using a platform like WordPress makes it relatively easy to change the look and appearance of a site, giving it a fresh new look.

WordPress has themes that can quickly and easily change the appearance of your site without you having to spend long hours coding and working out what colors will fix nicely into your design.

Over the last few days I have changed the layout of this site to update it and to give it a fresh look and layout. This is a free theme that I found but I have tweaked the colors from the original version to this version. As the earning money on the net site is over a year old now and has been green for all of that time (green was chosen because that is the color of money) when I decided to put this new theme in, I wanted to keep the colours the same.

Changing colours in a WordPress theme is quite easy. There will be a style.css file in the theme folder and you either change the colours from there, or sometimes, like this theme that I now have, in that file there are instructions to create a file called mystyle.css which will override any of the default settings in the style.css file.

This is a brilliant way to do it because if you accidentally muck up the mystyle.css you still have the original file so that you can start again.

Of course the next thing is to be able to find all of the references to all of the parts that you want to change.

The easiest way to do this without having to scroll backwards and forwards through the whole .css file and take a wild guess as to what some things are, is to use the browser Firefox and to get the Firebug plugin.

This little plugin sits at the bottom of your browser and when you activate it one of the features is that you can choose to view the EXACT line in your .css file for an area that you want to change.

Firebug Showing What Line To Change

This makes it far easier to be able to find all of the lines that you want to change, not only for the colours in the .css but for the size of areas as well.

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