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Keep Domain Name Registration and Hosting Separate

Whenever you get a domain name and have a website there are two parts to it – registering the domain name and hosting the domain name.

Registering a domain name is when you decide on a domain name and then you register it. Once you have a domain name registered, you need to host the domain name so that you can have your website. Many hosting companies provide both registration and hosting services, but is is a good idea to keep the two separate by using a hosting company to host the domain name and a domain registration company to register the domain name and here is why.

If you have both the registration and the hosting at one place and for some reason your account is suspended, or your host goes out of business, getting control of your domain name can be a mission.

If you want to move your domain name to another hosting provider and you do not have control of your domain name registration and the hosting company is the Admin contact, it can be hard to get that changed in order to move your domain.

I have spent the last 2 months getting my domain registration and hosting separated. Ok, I admit that I have a few domain names, but as I could not update the admin contact for a few of them, and even though I requested the hosting company to update the admin contacts, they were taking their time. In the end I went straight to the domain registrar and had to do an application for a reseller split which finally gave me control of my domains.

A good hosting company that is reliable and been around a long time is Hostgator. They offer good options for different types of hosting.

Name Cheap is a good reliable company for keeping your domain name registration. Name Cheap has also been around a long time and one of the things I really like with there service is that they have a live chat, so if you are not too sure what to do or how to do it, you can ask your questions!

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3 Responses to "Keep Domain Name Registration and Hosting Separate"

  1. Heeni says:

    I was wondering about the feasibility of registering a domain name with a Registrar and whether it was prudent for person to have that Registrar as Host as well. You have just answered my question.

    Also,when i first tried to build me a blog site, the domain name that i made up for that site was lost to me when i failed to re-register my domain. Do you know if there is any intellectual property / ownership rights when it comes to domain names that are created by an individual?

    You have valuable information links that will be of great help to newbies like me. I hope you don’t mind if i direct other newbies to your site.

    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. admin says:

    Hi Heeni,

    Sadly there is no intellectual property / ownership rights with a domain name created by an individual. I have also lost a domain name because the host who was also the registrar at the time did not renew the domain with their registrar even though I had paid.

    I then paid $200 (to the host at the time) to get the domain out of redemption – that is where expired names sit when they first expire and you have 2 months to get it before it is released) and the host did not even do that. And then someone registered it as soon as it was released.

    So I lost a PR5 site and all the back links and there was not a thing I could do about it … grrrr ….

    I had to get another domain name for all of the info that I had, and put it on a new domain and let it build up again. It is now at a PR3 and hopefully rising.

    Which is why I strongly suggest that you keep the two things separate!

    I would love it if you redirect other newbies to this site 😀

  3. Heeni says:

    Wow, i didn’t know that expired domain names could be redeemed and that you have two months to do so after expiry date. I’m guessing that there are a lot of people who are not aware of this, especially if they are beginners or newbies like me.

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