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Creating a New Sub Domain WordPress Multisite

Now that you have set up your network and it is working properly, the last thing you need to do is to create a new website. This post looks at Sub Domain sites only.

The first most important thing you must know is that you DO NOT set up a sub domain through cPanel or any other server software. You set up your sub domain and new site right from the WordPress Admin!

When you log into your WordPress multisite admin, you will see on the left hand side at the top the menu for Super Admin – click this and a drop down box will appear.

Click Create a New Site – this is not in the menu but in the main part of the admin screen.

Where it says Site Address – this will create the subdomain – the part that comes in front of your main domain.
Sub Domain:

Try to avoid characters that are not numbers or letters.

Fill out the form and it will all be done!

The next thing that you need to do is set your default settings for your new site, change your theme and add your posts!

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2 Responses to "Creating a New Sub Domain WordPress Multisite"

  1. kitkat says:

    Hi Kamera,

    great post, I will give it a go this week. How was your seminar last weekend?

    Could you go over the setting up of a cron job for the subdomain and also how you get the related posts links and categories – all mine seem to be under ‘uncategorized’

    Speak soon



  2. admin says:

    Hi Michael,

    Setting up a cron job for a sub domain is exactly the same as in Setting Up a Cron Job for WP-O-Matic just make sure that you are in the admin for the sub domain that you want to set up the cron job in 😀

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