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Setting Blog Defaults for all New Sites on Multi Site

If you are using the multisite feature of WordPress 3.0 and above, you will find that any new site that you add will have “Just Another Blog” and if you do not want that, you will have to change it manually. However, to save you time doing this, there is an easier way!

  • Log into your WP admin area and click on Plugins
  • Click on the Add New Button
  • In the search box, type Blog Defaults then click the Search Plugins
  • You will find a list of plugins – the one that I use is called New Blog Defaults – you can use that one or try others
  • Click on the Install Now by the one you want to use
  • Once it has installed on your plugins page choose network activate for that plugin
  • If you have installed the one that I use, click on Super Admin to the left hand side of your admin and under there you will not find an option for New Blog Defaults

In here you can set the name of the default category, decide if you want a default post, set the default avatar and a host of other things.

To change the “Just Another Blog” change the part that says tag line.

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2 Responses to "Setting Blog Defaults for all New Sites on Multi Site"

  1. kitkat says:

    Hi Karema,

    Can you give some instruction on where to set up the RSS feed in the admin area of wordpress 3.0



  2. admin says:

    HI Michael,

    Do you mean the RSS feed when someone clicks on the little RSS feed button on your site or a RSS feed to create posts?

    The RSS feed for your site is done automatically and a RSS feed for creating posts is done by a WP plugin which will have to be installed first.

    Hope this helps 😀

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